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Best Website Design Packages

Good Designs pays off in Long run, helps to attract your targeted audiences which ultimately converts into sales. So we take extra care while creating website designing services through our affordable packages that provide you best possible web solutions for your business.

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Website Design Packages

Give a professional look to your website not just another website on Internet. Tecsour is known for generating creative as well as professional web designing services in India. Our Web Designing package includes high quality website designing at very affordable price. As per the industry whether small or medium sized, we develop eye-catching web design using suitable color combination, based on cutting edge technology. We aim to deliver world class mobile responsive websites that serves all the purpose of your organization. Our website designing services includes responsive web designing, static website designing, dynamic and ecommerce web-site designing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On which technology you work on?

We provide web designing and web development for e-Commerce solutions, WordPress designs, Joomla development or customized CMS designs. Our motto is "Whatever you prefer we make it happen".

When you design my site, what you will need and what will be the process?

If you want to use our services then you need to inform us about your domain name and give us a brief idea about your requirements. After checking the domain name availability we will purchase the domain by your name, then purchase the right hosting package for you according to project requirement. Then according to your guidance we will design the initial web page for you.
The designs can be changed according to client’s consultation until they get satisfied for the design. We will then require the contents and images for the site and then we will start to design the website for you.

How long it will take you to design my new website?

It is hard to say that how much time it will take to design the website as it totally varies according to client. Although a small micro website takes as much as two weeks, whereas a B2B website can take up to 3 to 4 months. According to the cost the timeframe may get vary according to complexity and number of web pages and blog posts.

What type of tools you use for Website Designing?

We make use of licensed version of Adobe Photoshop for designing website templates and for development we make use of various platforms which again totally depends on your requirements and functionalities of the website. We mostly use Word Press, Joomla, Magneto or customized websites.

What package should I choose?

Choosing a package totally depends upon your requirement and preferences:
  • If you have a clear idea what you want in your design and what you want to convey through your website images, products and services then the basic package can best suit you.
  • If you have a good idea about your mood want you want to convey but want to look for different concepts then you can choose the Gold package where you get different number of concepts and variation on your idea.
  • If you don’t know what you want in a design then platinum package can be the right option for you. As here you will get many concepts with different logics according to which you will come to know what exactly you want from your website.

How will I communicate with you after I will place my order?

We encourage you to make use of the Discussion Thread feature to record order or to communicate with the Project manager and also to track the communication history. The project manager will even keep you updated with time to time email alerts and will send you email address which is registered with us. You may even log and view your order record any time whenever you want view your status and see the updates of the Project manager of the Discussion Thread.

What I should do if I am not satisfied with the designs produced by you?

We are confident that we will provide you 100% satisfaction and on time delivery. If there is some reason by which you are not satisfied with the designs and the concept, then feel free to discuss it with your project manager. After this you will get a refund form that will allow you to claim your refund but some service charge will be deducted on that.

Will you make the website search engine friendly?

We make all the necessary work to make your website search engine friendly, light weight and fast to load.

Why I should hire Tecsour for designing my website?

Website is the new sales channel for your business which works 24 X 7 irrespective of whether you are on a vacation or busy with something you will never lose your customers when your business is online. When you hire a professional web designer then:
  • You get custom designs for according to your business mood.
  • Get excellent quality of visuals colors and graphics.
  • You will come to know about the new technologies and will come to know latest technologies and latest trends.

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